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How do you feel that Somatic Therapy can best serve you?

I am passionate about utilizing the unique healing power of the mind-body connection, which somatic therapy allows to come to life in so many modalities. It is easy to live in the survival mode of our stories, repeating past traumas, but it takes work to create a new pathway to thriving- and I’m here to support you in that journey! It isn’t always going to be easy, although there will be magical moments, but I whole-heartedly believe that it will bring you to a greater understanding and appreciation of yourself and the world around you.

About Me

Rachel Otis graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco with her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a concentration in Somatic Psychotherapy. Since then she has started her own private practice that allows for tele-therapy to connect with clients worldwide, focusing on the mind-body connection in which she combines her passion for: body justice, human rights, & intersectional feminism with her love of somatic interventions, resources, & tools.

Somatic Services

I accept and welcome clients from all walks of life, all gender and identity expressions, all ethnicities, religions, and ages who are seeking support & looking to explore their mind-body connection further.

I work through a trauma-informed, relational, body-positive/fat acceptance, and intersectional feminist lens with diverse populations including Queer & chronically ill/disabled (as I also identify with those communities personally).

I offer sliding scale rates ($50 – $150) that are based on your gross monthly income + a 50 minute weekly session model, but also offer 75 minute, 90 minute, and double sessions when needed at various intervals (my services are customized to the needs of the individual rather than “one modality fits all.”)

I provide clients with coping tools, resources, and a more connected sense of self, and am proud to offer a corrective emotional experience for those whom have had negative experiences with therapists in the past, or have found therapy in general to be inaccessible.

I am always happy to answer questions about how my therapy services can best support you! I also offer a free 30 minute introductory session to those of you who are reading this and are interested in learning more about the work and about yourself!


*Sessions Available: Monday thru Sunday; Hours: flexible

E-mail for more details, appt. times, or message me below!


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